hat are the advantages of UV metal label printers


hat are the advantages of UV metal label printers

What are the advantages of metal label printers? Nowadays, signage is increasingly used in various fields. Common signage can be applied to various large shopping malls, road signs, warning signs, etc. The one that can be personalized printed on metal signage is the signage UV printer. The signboard tablet printer is not limited by any material and can perform color photo level printing on any flat material without the need for plate making. It can be formed in one go, with simple and convenient operation, fast printing image speed, and fully complies with industrial printing standards. Compared to traditional signage printing methods, it is incomparable.
Traditional printing is carried out through heat transfer printing or laser engraving machines, but the problem of small batch sizes and high costs has not been solved. Even heat transfer printing requires materials to withstand a temperature range.

UV metal label printers
UV metal label printers
What are the advantages of metal signage UV printers?

1. The operation is simple and convenient, without the need for plate making and repeated color matching processes, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain;

2. Fast printing speed, low investment cost, and high-speed printing are fully suitable for industrial mass production;

3. Overcoming material boundaries: can print boards within the specified thickness, with a maximum material thickness of 100mm;

4. As long as there are pictures available on the computer (either taken with a mobile phone or downloaded online), they can be easily printed on the product.

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