What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers compared to UV printer manufacturers?

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 UV printer manufacturers,What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers?

UV tablet printer
UV tablet printer

UV flatbed printers can generally print on flat materials and are compatible with the vast majority of materials, covering a wide range of industries and audiences. The printed pattern has excellent effects, realistic colors, and features waterproofing, oil resistance, and sun protection. With the increasingly improved performance of UV flatbed printers, more and more printing professionals prefer UV flatbed printers.

What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers compared to UV printer manufacturers?

What are the advantages of UV printers? Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. The positioning rod can accurately locate the origin of the medium, making printing more accurate.
2. The automatic height measurement system can achieve height measurement of media with a maximum thickness of 100mm and automatically detect printing height.
3. We use 8-color printing and world-renowned brands such as Ricoh and Kyocera for printing. Customers can expand according to their production needs.
4. The UV curing power can be adjusted by adjusting the parameters of the mercury lamp and LED lamp, achieving a good curing effect.
5. The suction area can be adjusted according to the actual situation, making it convenient to print materials of different sizes.
6. The sensitive car anti-collision device adopts an anti-collision emergency stop device to prevent accidental scratching of the front of the car and damage to the nozzle.
7. The optional anti-static rod kit can remove static electricity on the surface of the medium, greatly reducing ink flying and improving printing quality.

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